Frequently Asked Questions

What is easysearch?

easysearch is a free search engine that enables you to raise funds for the good cause of your choice whenever you search the Web. We combine the results from Bing and Yahoo! to get the results you want.

How much does it cost to use?

Nothing - easysearch is completely free.

How does it work?

The search engines we work with generate revenues from advertising goods and services. We receive a percentage of this revenue and pass on a large portion to the cause for which you are searching and supporting. The final amount per search can vary, however generally works out around 0.5p. The average user generates approximately 20 per year for their cause.

How much can I raise?

It depends on how much you use the web, but by making just 10 searches per day with easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine; you should generate over £20 per year for your cause.

Can businesses use this service?

Absolutely, in fact this is probably one of the easiest ways to get lots of people using easysearch to generate funds for your cause. Any company, regardless of size, can use easysearch for their online searching.  This can be a very lucrative way to raise funds for your cause.

How do we know how much we are raising?

The number of searches made by your supporters, together with the amount you've raised so far, is clearly displayed on your cause's easysearch homepage

If you are the administrator of your easyfundraising account, we'll email you every week to let you know the collective amount your group has raised by searching the Web.  Then providing £15.00 or more has been generated, this will be paid together with your group's quarterly easyfundraising payment. If you don't have an administration account please click here to sign-up and add your group - it's completely free!

Why do my statistics appear to be out of date?

We don't receive reports from our search engine partners daily, so it can take up to 2 weeks between searches being made and showing in the statistics.

How do we add our logo on our easysearch page?

Please email and attach either a GIF or JPEG version of your image and we will update your easysearch page.

What is easyfundraising?

easyfundraising is our sister website that works alongside easysearch and gives you another 'easy' way to raise funds for your cause. Simply use any of the 2000+ retailer links on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online, and at no extra cost to you, up to 15% of your purchase price will be donated to the cause you support. Featuring many popular retailers such as Argos, Boden, John Lewis, M&S, Comet, WH Smith, Woolworths, Expedia, Vodafone and many more, easyfundraising is completely free to register and use, and you will raise funds for your cause with every purchase you make! Remember, to raise funds when you search the web use easysearch, to raise funds when you shop online use easyfundraising.

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